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What is Structured Water?

Did you know the human body is up to 70% water? Essential for life, the quality of your water can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. But water’s journey through pipes, filters, tanks and other processes affects the natural vitality of water, damaging its structure and diminishing its health-giving benefits.

Fresh spring water is the best water for human health because it has structural integrity. Water supplies that are contaminated with any natural and human-made chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, etc. must be treated with a variety of physical and chemical methods to remove the impurities. This process of water “purification” also causes damage to the structure of water molecules.

The best quality water has a unique molecular structure that can be observed (when frozen) as balanced, geometric crystals. “Structured” water has properties that are particularly important for life especially as an agent for hydration and detoxification. Naturally, this is the best water to consume, however it is not always easy to come by.

Fortunately, damaged water can be restored in a number of ways: for example, by undergoing a “phase change” through the process of evaporation, condensation, or freezing. Water’s “memory” is cleared by the phase change and the water is restructured. Other instruments and expensive, man-made devices such as ionisers and KIVA lights have also shown improvements in the properties of the treated water. However, an enormous breakthrough has occurred with the creation of Nature's Design glassware, whose unique shape enables water to restructure itself - within minutes!

How does the glassware work?

Water molecules respond to their environment. They are sensitive to the vibrations that are emitted by all things. Water revitalisation is the act of shifting the energetic memory of water (whether it is purified or not) back to its state as found in nature. As renowned Japanese structured-water expert Masaru Emoto explains:

“All things vibrate, and they vibrate at their own frequencies ... The fact that everything is in a state of vibration also means that everything is creating sound... Whether we can hear the sound or not, we can say that the unique frequency of all objects can be interpreted as sound.”

[*Masaru Emoto (2003) “Healing Messages in Water”]

This concept forms the foundation of the premise underlying the creation of Nature's Design. The harmonies of major chords have been mathematically expressed in glass, resulting in the distinctive waved shape. The waves correspond to the Fibonacci Sequence - a musical progression which also forms the basis of many structures in nature, such as the spiral of a Nautilus shell and the fractal pattern of coastlines.

The waved form of glassware provides a subtle resonance chamber, comparable to the resonance chamber of a violin. The form itself does not generate audible music, but functions as a vitalising instrument. Once in the glassware, the liquid responds to the vibrations of harmonic resonance that are generated within the chamber - different carafes resonate to different notes. The positive effect of this resonance on liquid is the same as a phase change - it restructures the water, restoring it to the integrity it has in nature.

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